Horse Hill Nature Preserve Sub-Committee

Goals for 2017

The sub-committee has the following goals for 2017:

Planned Events

The following events are planned for 2017:

Items of Interest

Business of the Sub-Committee

This sub-committee post their agendas and meeting minutes where the Conservation Commission posts theirs at:

This sub-committee operates under a Horse Hill Nature Preserve Charter when the Conservation Commission created the sub-committee.

Horse Hill Nature Preserve Sub-Committee

Name Position Term Expires
Peter Mikolajczuk Chair 7/31/2019
Bruce Peterson Vice Chair 7/31/2021
Sharon Hickey Full member 7/31/2020
Lynne Wenz Full member 7/31/2019
Don Laliberte Full member 7/31/2020
Cindy Glenn Ex-officio 7/31/2019
Rose Shajenko Full member 7/31/2021
Tim Adams Alternate 7/31/2019
vacant Alternate 7/31/2020
vacant Alternate 7/31/2021

Important Info:

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