Explore the Properties Using GIS

There are two ways to access our GIS Trail Maps:

1) Website access on your computer via your usual web browser OR

2) On the move, access the maps via a Mobile App Called ARC GIS available for (Apple or Android).*

*If you choose to use the Mobile App, instructions and links to download the ARC GIS app are included at the bottom of the page to assist you.

Grater Woods Trails Merrimack Conservation Commission

Horse Hill Trails Merrimack Conservation Commission

Visit the GIS Maps of Grater Woods Conservation properties, Merrimack, NH

Visit the GIX maps of Horse Hill Conservation Properties in Merrimack, NH

Wildcat Trails Merrimack Conservation Commission

Wasserman Trails Merrimack Conservation Commission

Visit the GIS maps of Wildcat Conservation Properties, Merrimack, NH Visit the GIS maps for the Wasserman Conservation Properties, Merrimack, NH

Go directly to the maps online using the links above OR to use ArcGIS on your mobile device and follow the instructions below.

For Mobile App Access:

To use Explorer ArcGIS on your mobile device, first download the app from the appropriate app store:

Applestore / GooglePlay

Once downloaded, search for MCC Trails.

Our Trails are listed as MCC Trails - Grater Woods, and MCC Trail - Horse Hill, Wildcat, Wasserman

For more detailed instructions, you can visit Explorer for ArcGIS Get Started guide here.

Click for further instructions on how to use ArcGIS on your mobile device.