Wildcat Falls Conservation Area


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Wildcat Falls Conservation Area contains 87 acres of managed pine/hardwoods forest, abuts the Souhegan River and includes Wildcat Falls, a popular area. A stand-alone portion of the Heritage Trail system extends from the entrance to the falls. A PSNH power line crosses the land and provides and excellent area for bird watching and wild blueberry picking. An area cleared of trees as the result of a forest fire provides excellent views of the Souhegan River and an opportunity to watch for the elusive American kestrel and other wildlife.

Bordering the Conservation Area to the east is a state-owned parcel of land abutting the Everett Turnpike. Although the trails are not maintained on this land they are usable and will connect to a crossing under the turnpike where they will in the future connect to a trail system leading to the high school, to Watson Park and across the walking bridge over the Souhegan River to West Chamberlain Road.

Unique/Historic Features:

The History of Merrimack notes that the falls were originally known as Atherton Falls due to the location of a dam located in the area – no indication of the structure remains – before it became know as Wildcat Falls at a time and for a reason not recorded. Originally owned by the NH DOT, the land was sold to Merrimack in 1970 for $1.00. For many years it was known as "80 Acres" until in 2009 the Town Council renamed it to reflect the natural feature that attractes many of the visitors - Wildcat Falls.

Helpful Info


Off Baboosic Lake Road at the intersection of Currier Road and Hemlock Road


42° 51'45.38" -71° 30'19.57"

Permitted Activities:

Permitted activities are subject to the Town Code Chapter 111 and include hiking, biking, fishing, skiing, and similar passive activities.

Not Permitted Activities:

Motorized vehicles, camping (without a permit), fires and hunting are not permitted per Town Code Chapter 111.

Although swimming at Wildcat Falls is not restricted it is dangerous and is not encouraged.

Hours of Use:

WildCat Falls Conservation Area can only be accessed from 1/2 hour before sunrise till 1/2 hour after sunset per Chapter 111 of the Town Code.