Fields Farm Conservation Area


No established trails at this time.

At the present time there are no maintained trails on this parcel although there are several old paths along the river. The boundary lines are not signed except where neighboring land is posted. The map indicates the location of the parcel. No parking area exists.


The Fields Farm CA contains 95 acres of land with over 1,000 feet being shoreline on the Souhegan River. It is a heavily wooded parcel with numerous old stone walls and foundations located throughout. Granted to the town by Charles Ireland in 2004, the name Fields Farm reflects the original builders of the privately-owned large colonial across the street and farmed many of these acres starting in the early 1800's.

Unique/Historic Features:

Charles and Dorothy Ireland purchased the land in 1954. Both individuals spent a considerable amount of time and effort to determine the history of the parcels, to develop a list of "large trees", to create trails for the use of the family including a well-used trail to a landing along the Souhegan River. Although not maintained for many recent years, some signs of the trails still exist. Their efforts resulted in an extensive history and catalog of the land that is available. An old timber framed barn, containing many beams from earlier barns, existed on Amherst Road across from the house. With regrets it was torn down by the town as it could not be salvaged. Signs of the foundation remain as do several of the original beams.

Helpful Info


Amherst Road near the junction with Peaslee Road and across from a large colonial house with large maple trees in the front yard – very limited parking is available road side as no parking lot currently exists.


42° 50'19.77" -71° 33'20.10"

Permitted Activities:

Passive recreation including hiking, wildlife observation, jogging trails, fishing, hunting, skiing and similar activities.

Prohibited Activities:

Prohibited are the use of motorized vehicles, all-terrain vehicles, snowmobiles, motorcycles, and Target Shooting of any kind.

NOTE: Users are cautioned to not venture onto this parcel unless they have the skills to determine their location and have the ability to find their way through heavily wooded areas.

Hours of Use:

There are no hour restrictions on this property.