Beaver in Merrimack

Beaver have been a part of the Merrimack landscape going back before our Town was incorporated. This page highlights some of the work the Conservation Commission has been doing so we can live peacefully with them and the habitat they maintain, create, and enjoy.

Beaver Management Policy

The Town of Merrimack has a Beaver Management Policy. You can locate it here.

Beaver Fact Sheet

The Commission had a beaver fact sheet created, check it out here.

Beaver Management Study

In 2014 and 2015, the Conservation Commission contracted with GZA GeoEnvironmental to create a comprehensive beaver study. This study provided us with:

  • A field assessment of a number of locations where water control measures are potentially needed and beaver activity is present.
  • A working model so that we could predict places where beaver would be active if not already (Beaver Habitat Suitability Model).
  • Beaver Management Decision Matrix.
  • Assessment Data sheet for further study locations.
  • Numerous maps.
  • Lot's of useful information!

You can view this 20 Megabyte file here.