2019 Seedling Information

NH Nursery

All our seedlings come from the NH Nursery.

We used their catalog to order our seedlings for you. Check their catalog here.

Our seedlings this year are shown in the chart below. When you get your seedlings, you can use this chart to mark your seedlings using one of our tags. Simply write the number on the tag and when you get home you will know what seedling is what by looking at the number on the tag and then finding the seedling name from this chart below. We will have this chart at the giveaway so there is no need to make your own before coming.

Note: Most seedlings will look similar if you don't tag them.

1--- Crabapple
2--- Northern White Cedar
3--- Black Walnut
4--- Pussy Willow
5--- Ninebark
6--- American Hazelnut
7--- Beach Plum
8--- Virginia Rose
9--- Bayberry
10--- Gray Dogwood
11--- Nannyberry
12--- Silky Dogwood
13--- Juneberry

More information on each of the Seedlings

Click on each of the seedling names below to learn more about them:


Northern White Cedar

Black Walnut

Pussy Willow


American Hazelnut

Beach Plum

Virginia Rose


Gray Dogwood


Silky Dogwood


Caring for and planting your seedlings

The Nursery has some great information on how to plant and care for your seedlings, use the links below:

Planting and Care of Seedlings